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9 Roses #10 - Ciboleros Knife & Sheath circa 1850's

The Ciboleros were the Spanish/Mixed Blood buffalo hunters of the plains of eastern New Mexico, Colorado, and the staked plains of West Texas. This knife features a handforged 5 /34" long iron blade by mi amigo, bladesmith Jerry Rodri, Nine Tongs Forge, Durango, Co. The wooden handle is decorated with copper and has a rawhide "repair". The sheath, based on an original Southern Plains sheath has a bark tan liner and rawhide cover with beaded edge. The brain tan dangles are wrapped with German silver, typical of the period.

Warranty: This item is warrantied for everything but abuse and/or using it for purposes outside the range of it's design for the life of the original owner

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 The original inspiration for the sheath with a similar knife

Ciboleros Knife - Original

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